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    2022-11-03 19:32:34
    Android root is needed when choosing Android Data Recovery mode!
    by Karel
    Yes, this tool can help me recover deleted text messages, call logs, contacts, etc from the Android internal memory. But before that, I needed to root my phone first, which makes me feel inconvenient. Anyway, it's useful.
    2022-09-26 19:08:42
    Get my deleted messages back!
    by Marcel Melick
    I can't find my deleted messages from the trash box, so I can't get them back. Luckily, I found this software, and it helped me out. Helpful!
    2022-07-12 19:21:04
    It does not work!
    by terimakasih
    I lost some videos and tried to get them back by using the trial version, cause it said the trail version supported the data scanning. But my lost videos are not be scanned out. I don't know why.
    2022-05-09 19:16:30
    It needs me to root my phone before using it.
    by Shubham Dutt
    Actually, it's not friendly. When I was using it, it asked me to root my phone, but I did not know how to do that. Luckily, your how-to page shows me how to. It helped me out.
    2022-02-25 19:07:40
    Only deleted contacts can be recovered!
    by Marjorie Reeves
    Only deleted contacts can be recovered! Lost data is not supported. To be honest, it's not good enough. It should support all kind of data lost.
    2021-12-20 19:23:40
    Data lost after factory reset is not supported!
    by Ejaz Ahmed
    My data lost after the factory reset, I tried this software to help me get them back, but it failed. It seems not support data recovery after factory reset. Luckily, it's free to do data scanning.
    2021-12-15 03:19:09
    Good but not good enough
    by Liliam
    Hmmm... I mean it is good in most aspects. But fairly some pics are broken. Anyway it helped me a lot to recover my data.
    2021-10-21 09:59:43
    Get my lost contacts back!
    by Abhishek Srivastava
    My contacts on my OnePlus 7 are lost suddenly. My friend suggested this tool. Luckily, it helped me to get them back. But before that, I needed to root my phone.
    2021-07-20 10:14:40
    It does not work!
    by Ersin Akman
    My photos were deleted by mistake. I tried to recover it by this tool. But the deleted photos are not scanned out, I did not know why. So I can not get them back.
    2021-05-27 13:31:32
    by Kenneth Harris
    great product keep it up and thanks
    2021-05-18 09:48:10
    I need to buy it
    by Krishna Reddy
    I tried to recover my lost text messages, it reminded me to buy it. Not happy.
    2021-03-12 10:19:27
    I want a giveaway
    by Sourav Basak
    I'm a little tight now. I want a giveaway of this software. So I can get it for free. Thank you.
    2021-01-12 09:53:46
    My deleted text messages are not scanned out
    by jsegn
    It said data scan is free. So I tried it. But unluckily, my deleted text messages are not scanned out, which means I can not recover them. Why?
    2020-11-17 09:53:14
    Can I play the recovered video?
    by Jam
    I lost one important video on your Samsung S9, I want to get it back. Can I play the recovered video, I am worrying about that. Please tell me, thank you.
    2020-09-10 09:46:52
    I can't recover my deleted text messages
    by Paoter
    I tried to use it to recover my deleted text messages, but it told me to buy it. Of course, I can understand but if there a giveaway, it will be better. Thank you.
    2020-07-16 09:45:46
    The trail version is so weak
    by Cure
    It just can scan data on it, no data can be recovered in trail version. What a pity.
    2020-06-16 09:46:15
    Android sd card recovery mode is greatful.
    by Selina
    Yes, I like its sd card recovery mode. I used to save my media files on my sd card. And it can help me recover the deleted media files easily without rooting. Nice.
    2020-05-19 14:15:42
    Recover Deleted files Easily
    by Cindy
    It can recover my lost files from Android phone, and SD card. Powerfully.
    2020-05-18 10:32:04
    Two scan modes are good
    by Qin
    I like its two scan modes: Quick Scan & Deep Scan, cause Deep Scan will take more time. I can choose according to my needs. Nice idea.
    2020-05-09 10:49:50
    Nice to Recover
    by Natasha
    It can recover most lost files on my Android phone. If it can simplify the rooting steps, it would be better.
    2020-04-24 10:33:13
    Phone root is hard
    by Tain
    I need to root my phone before I use this tool. It's hard to me. I don't want to do that. If possible, please make this tool not need to root my phone. Thank you.
    2020-03-18 12:19:08
    Help me out
    by Ree
    Yes, bad luck my photos on Samsung S10 disappeared suddently. I did not know how to recover them back. Luckily, my friend suggested this tool. It helped me out. The photos are back. It's kind of inconvenient, cause I need to root it.
    2020-02-23 17:43:39
    Good App
    by Chloe
    The app is good and i find my photos, if it supports more types, it would be perfect.
    2020-02-11 19:35:56
    Android video recovery function is needed
    by Core
    Hello, I want to recover my deleted videos, but it seems not support that. When will it support that deleted video recovery function? I need it.
    2020-01-21 18:20:21
    The updated software supports photos recovery
    by Linda
    The updated software supports photos recovery directly from Android. Nice update.
    2020-01-08 17:00:30
    Photo recovery works well
    by Chic
    I used it before, it did not support photos recovery. But the new version does support that after I tried it. Thank godness.
    2020-01-06 11:46:11
    Help me a lot
    by Jane
    This recovery app help me recover all the deleted contacts on my phone, thanks a lot!
    2019-11-29 16:20:13
    Why you guys not update its funtions on Android device's media recovery?
    by Woodz
    I really want to know why you guys not update its funtions on Android device's media recovery? Yes, SD Card Recovery mode support that, but there is no SD Card on my phone. Please update that asap.
    2019-10-18 18:28:23
    Nice tool
    by Linda
    Not bad. Easy to get the deleted files back. Super nice
    2019-08-22 11:33:35
    SD Card Recovery mode is cool.
    by Buffer
    I saw there is a SD Card Recovery mode on the main interface, does it mean that I can use it to recover data from all SD Card? Or does it only support SD Card in Android phone? I will try it later.
    2019-07-17 11:43:59
    What's SD Card Recovery?
    by Exoa
    I found there is a SD Card Recovery option on the software. Does it mean it can help me recover deleted data from sd card?
    2019-06-20 18:33:42
    Why my deleted photos not being scanned out?
    by Canao
    The deleted photos on my Samsung S9 were not scanned out by Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android, I checked one by one, not found that. Why?
    2019-06-19 18:51:15
    by Tom
    Hi, is the Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android the same with app on the giveaway page ( Thanks
    2019-05-22 10:13:20
    My deleted photos can't be recovered.
    by Puppy
    My litter daughter deleted my important photos from my Samsung Note 9. I wanted to get them back. I tried your tool. Photos can be scanned out, but can't find the deleted photos. Why?
    2019-03-13 19:54:13
    I don't know how to use it
    by Lind
    I don't know how to use it, I think it is too hard for me to use the app.
    2019-03-05 17:21:11
    I will never be afraid of losing files from my Android phone
    by Balabla
    I will never be afraid of losing files from my Android phone. This app is so great and also easy to recover deleted files from my phone. Everything goes well when I use the app. Thumb up! =)
    2019-02-20 10:46:25
    Easy to get back lost messages
    by Biiii
    It's cool that my lost text messages are recovered. By using this software, the lost text messages are scanned out and marked in red. Then it's easy to get them back.
    2019-01-19 18:23:31
    by lilill
    It is so worthing to have it. Thanks to it, I get back my lost contacts and other files from my Huawei. Amazing!!
    2018-09-27 11:09:51
    Get back lost media files from SD card
    by Kitty
    I saved my photos, videos taken by my Samsung S9+ on the SD card. I formatted it by pressing the option wrong. Yes, it done the format compeltely. I didn't think I could recover them back. But it did. Now, all the photos and videos are recovered. Thanks to the amazing tool.
    2018-09-21 07:15:30
    Memory card
    by Ashik Ashik
    Memory card recovery
    2018-04-22 12:38:19
    Need help to recover erased data , before without backup
    by Mamatha
    Hi Redmi Note4 .I did't do any backup before . I lost my data unfortunately Could any one can help me regarding this. I tried and dr.fone ect but i did'nt get please help me if there is any option
    2017-09-27 19:28:45
    great app
    by Mike
    I have no need to worry about losing data from my Samsung anymore, because I have gotten this data recovery app now. haha
    2017-02-11 09:14:45
    free trial
    by KB
    this wont show me one thing in my phone. Do you have to purchase the program? for it to work
    2016-11-18 17:51:26
    Just a lifesave comes in time
    by Bruno M
    When i get upset over all the lost photos, contacts and videos on my Android phone, this software really comes in time, bringing all lost files to my phone. Amazing! And really thanks! Really!
    2016-10-14 17:26:27
    Bring back all files
    by Miranda
    When I find all the precious photos were all gone simply because my little nephew pressed a wrong button, I feel so upset, cuz that means, to me, all the past memories were lost. But luckily, this software helped me bring back all files. Thanks!
    2016-09-28 17:31:20
    Did a good job...
    by Marice
    My Android phone suddenly went black and when it turned on, all the files including contacts, messages, photos were lost. But luckily, my friend recommend this lifesaver to me. And all the lost files were successfully recovered! Love this software!
    2016-08-10 16:12:33
    by Jane
    I don't know what happened, but my phone goes dead suddenly. And following that, all precious photos are all gone! And this software is actually my lifesaver, successfully getting back all files. Thanks!
    2016-07-15 17:17:27
    wonderful product
    by Zumaidi
    While I do not have an Android myself, my brother does. He tried your Lab.Fone for Android, and was very impressed. Thank you for creating a wonderful product for Android users!
    2016-07-11 17:31:14
    Like it~
    by Lenka
    This is really a useful post, introducing a practical recovery tool for me. It successfully helped me recover all the lost contacts! I do need to say thanks! Really~
    2016-06-20 15:59:00
    by Harry
    When losing important contacts from my phone, I've already planned to give up on these lost files. But lucky for me, these files were easily recovered with this software! By the way, it is my friend who recommend it to me! Ah!thanks~
    2015-12-25 15:54:22
    Worth to try
    by Claude
    This is by far the best recovery app for Android device that I have used. Everything is simple and easy to use. Photo restoration is great as well as message recovery.
    2015-12-18 17:31:47
    Wonderful Program for Android phone
    by Daniel
    A wonderful software for Android phone. It saved all my pictures on my old formatted Samsung S4. I share my joy of utilizing this software with all my friends and to all my clients.
    2015-12-15 17:33:50
    Good job
    by Georges
    I tried this Android data recovery with my old Samsung phone. Most of the items were recovered. And the recovery is fast. But I have also met some problems when I tried to connect my phone to the computer and make it be recognized by your program.
    2015-11-27 17:54:18
    by PEGGY
    2015-10-29 11:34:45
    Good Application
    by Tina
    I love this app, even though some people say it is not useful for them. I have used it to successfully regain my lost contacts and photos. So I'll recommend it to my friends if they have the same needs.
    2015-08-27 16:08:53
    Well done
    by Alena
    My little son deleted all my contacts on my Samsung Galaxy Mini. Your app really works well. Thanks all!
    2015-08-06 20:23:01
    Great Tool
    by Nina
    Great tool, I was able to get all of my lost information from my Android. I just wish they had a call history recovery so that I could get those unsaved numbers as well.
    2015-07-13 18:12:03
    Some bugs need to fix
    by Richard
    Generally speaking, the program works well and I also use it to regain my lost contacts. However, when I tried to scan the lost photos on my Samsung Galaxy S6, the program remind me there is no results. All my photos are saved in the device itself. So I think if your program can support to restore photos from the phone's internal memory, it could be more welcomed!
    2015-06-29 17:38:40
    Thank you
    by Jacky
    Many similar Android data recovery programs are avaliable on the web but I really fall in love with the Lab.Fone for Android. It works well on my new Samsung Galaxy S6 and save me hundreds of important photos! Thank you very much!
    2014-11-14 11:24:00
    by Lisa
    I like this app, it helped me recover my love photos.
    2014-10-24 15:05:09
    Do me a great favor
    by Anny
    It helps me found my lost video and photos from SD cards of my Sony mobile phone. Thanks so much. I will recommend it to my friends, it does really do me a favor.
    2014-10-20 15:25:33
    Powerful function software
    by Audrey
    I lost many Android contacts after factory resetting. Thanks to android recovery tool. This software can help me recover lost contacts from Android.
    2014-10-20 15:15:13
    This tool help me!
    by Nacy
    My friend recommended it to me when my text message is lost. This product offers some excellent capabilities that users will especially enjoy, including the function that can detect Android device internal and external memory directly, preview lost file before recovery, etc.
    2014-10-15 18:48:47
    Thanks a lot!
    by Tokarev
    Work good on my samsung note 3, find all what i need. Thanks a lot!
    2014-10-15 12:07:15
    Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android
    by Wgfterrll
    Thanks this tool to help me find lost Samsung galaxy data. It is efficient tool that recover deleted or lost data from Samsung phone. Good tool to solve my problem.
    2014-09-24 14:54:24
    Great tool
    by Meeno
    Great tool, I was able to get all of my lost information from my Android. Works good on my samsung Note. It's exactly what I need. You saved my data and solved my problem... Great!

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