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    2023-01-18 00:23:19
    Found the new iCloud backup recovery feature
    by Alice
    I recently updated my iPhone data recovery and found the new iCloud backup recovery feature. So nice to have it. Just need to access and edit my iCloud files.
    2023-01-05 19:08:40
    It supports encrypted iTunes backup files.
    by John Morris
    Hi,guys. This is very cool. It can recover data from the encrypted iTunes backup files. Really love it.
    2022-12-12 18:59:31
    Got a new version.
    by Mariusz
    Nice! There is a new version out. It seems to fix some bugs. Love it!
    2022-10-09 18:56:13
    I love its Recover from iTunes Backup Files mode!
    by Long Pham
    I think most people feel the same way as I do. Yes, it's impossible to recover the data we want from the iTunes backup. But this tool helps me do that easily. I love it.
    2022-07-18 23:25:59
    Unable to recover my deleted photos!
    by Thomas
    I deleted some photos from iPhone 12 and wanted to get them back. So I tried this software, and it scanned out the data, but it said it did not support deleted photos recovery. So sad.
    2022-06-22 19:50:24
    Recover messages from iTunes backup files easily!
    by Andy Brantner
    This software is great. It helped me recover deleted text messages from my iTunes backup files individually. Love it.
    2022-05-16 19:52:31
    No Mac version!
    by Lucija
    I switched to Mac, but there is no Mac version. When it will be out?
    2022-03-03 19:50:38
    Nice program!
    by J2Rfamily
    Wow, this program is nice. I used it to restore data from iTunes backup. It's easy to use. I can choose data I want to recover from iTunes backup files.
    2022-01-14 19:18:32
    Reover my deleted messages without backup
    by Florian Aich
    I deleted one important text messages without backup, and this software helped me to get them back. Really helpful. Thank you.
    2021-11-04 10:18:44
    Get back my Safari history!
    by Dmitry Demchenko
    I deleted my Safari history by mistake, but some of them are needed. Luckily, this software helped me get them back. Grateful.
    2021-09-07 11:19:29
    Whatsapp messages are not supported!
    by Petra Sobiraj
    To be honest,recovering from iTunes backup is helpful. But Whatsapp messages are not supported! So I gave 4 stars.
    2021-08-09 09:29:27
    I Got My Contacts!
    by Benny
    This software helps me find my lost contacts on my iPhone. Thanks a lot!
    2021-07-01 09:53:22
    Can't recover my deleted photos!
    by Robert Chester
    I wanted to recover my deleted photos by mistake from my iPhone without backup, but it did not support. Unhappy!
    2021-06-15 09:50:16
    [Recover from iTunes Backup files] mode is great!
    by Lynn S
    Hey, guys. This [Recover from iTunes Backup files] mode is great! With its help, I can recover data I want from iTunes backup files. Thanks a lot.
    2021-05-27 10:36:17
    Deleted data type supporting is not enough
    by George
    I tried the [Recover from iOS device] mode, only deleted contacts and text messages can be recovered, other data is not supported. It's not enough for a good iOS data recovery software. Fighting, please.
    2021-05-26 15:21:34
    Not bad
    by Susan455
    Tried the recover from ios device mode. It went smoothly and got my deleted contacts back. Hope it can update its support for more file formats.
    2021-05-25 18:33:11
    A great iTunes extractor for iPhone users
    by Jackson
    I have many important photos in iTunes. But Apple doesn't offer a way to transfer them in batches. This product does the job well. I can access and extract the photos from iTunes backup easily.
    2021-05-25 18:31:17
    Worked perfectly to recover my deleted messages
    by Alex Scott
    Need to retrieve some of my messages on my iPhone that deleted a long time ago. Downloaded this data recovery tool and it found the deleted messages I want. Simple and reliable.
    2021-05-24 11:20:47
    I like it
    by Alessio
    This newly released software can help us recover data from iTunes easily. I like it.

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