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    2022-12-19 19:13:37
    A new version is out!
    by Nicolo Canal
    Hey, man. Finally, there is a new version out. Updated the user interface. Nice.
    2022-01-07 20:30:42
    Really good.
    by Crismar Guerra
    I bought a new iPhone 13 and wanted to restore data from my old iPhone on iTunes backup. This software helped me do that easily. Really good.
    2021-11-29 09:54:20
    Not bad.
    by Sarah
    This software did a good job,it helped me recover data from iTunes backup files. But it seem not be updated for a long time.
    2021-08-19 10:56:49
    Easy to extract iTunes backup data!
    by Iavni Ishana
    This is really good. With its help, I can easily extract iTunes backup data for my iPhone 12. Lovely!
    2021-03-19 10:06:32
    Can't you guys support it?
    by Cesare
    How can I restore the backup files directly to my iPhone? The software can't help me do that. Can you support it in future?
    2020-12-17 09:56:07
    Retore iTunes backup to the computer easily
    by Emma
    This software is really helpful. With its help, I restored iTunes backup to my computer easily. There is no need to connect my iPhone to the computer. So easy to use.
    2020-09-04 15:36:13
    Will the new iPhone 12 be supported?
    by Silver
    The new iPhone 12 is coming. Will it be supported by your software?
    2020-07-10 09:56:18
    Finally update!
    by Terry
    Hey, you guys finaly updated this software. It's really good.
    2019-10-23 15:35:59
    Does it support music files recovery?
    by Jeff
    Yes, it support recovering data like contacts, SMS, notes, calendar events, call records etc. But there is no music option. Does it support music recovery?
    2019-04-22 11:32:16
    It seems only work on iTunes backup
    by Lisha
    I tried it, yes my iTunes backup can be easily scanned out. And I can choose data I want to recover. It's convenient. But iCloud backup can not be scanned out, it seems not work on iCloud backup. If it can support that, it would be very cool.
    2018-11-28 18:04:42
    Extracting iTunes backup is quick
    by yoga
    Extracting iTunes backup is quick, which is useful. But what if I did not backup the data before I lose it?
    2018-10-25 11:43:27
    When will it update?
    by Xiemile
    It's useful and convenient. I can recover data deleted or lost I want only from iTunes backup files. And it really works well on my iPhone 7. But it has not updated for a long long long time. Does it supported the new iPhone XR/XS?
    2018-06-15 18:02:58
    Does it support iPhone 4?
    by Liza
    Hi, does it support iPhone 4? It is too old that I am not sure if the program works for it.
    2018-05-23 18:00:10
    Easy to extract iPhone backup
    by AndrewLin
    It enables me to extract iPhone backup with ease. That's so great!
    2018-04-26 18:25:01
    It helps to extract iphone backup
    by Linda
    It helps me to extract iphone backup :)
    2018-03-08 11:49:44
    Not for iCloud backup
    by Alex
    This tool can only extract iTunes backup files but not iCloud backup. Well, anyway, for users who have iTunes backup, it is great.
    2018-03-01 11:40:39
    iTunes backup extractor
    by Lottie
    Thanks to get my data back from iTunes backup files for I cannot access my files until I have this program. :)
    2018-01-23 10:10:42
    easy to extract iTunes backup
    by Andy
    This tool is very easy to use and also it is very useful to extract iTunes backup files to preview the iPhone files I want. Good!
    2017-12-19 18:26:21
    good for iTunes backup
    by Linc
    It helps with restore data from iTunes backup even though I don't have my iPhone by my side. Great!
    2017-11-27 18:09:44
    I like this tool
    by yoga
    It helps me a lot to extract my iTunes backup file, which contains thousands of valuable pictures from my iPhone. Thanks so much.
    2017-08-22 18:05:25
    Good software
    by Candy
    it must be a professional software to extract iPhone files from iTunes backup to computer. It is safe and easy to use. Thanks!
    2016-12-25 16:46:22
    Really good
    by Bonnie
    Really good. I lost important data on my iPhone. Thank to this software I have already brought it back.
    2016-11-29 17:45:11
    by Xuwei
    I thought I would lost all the precious photos once and for all, but luckily this professional tool helped me regain all the important photos to my iPhone. Really thanks!
    2016-09-28 17:42:17
    Thanks for extracting the backup files~
    by Olee
    Love it. Successfully recover the precious photos and videos shoot on my mother's birthday party. Really thanks!
    2015-08-31 16:57:55
    Excellent program
    by German
    Thank you for saving my child's memories when my iPhone iOS upgrade went horribly wrong! Excellent program to recover lost iPhone information!
    2013-06-06 15:28:44
    Amazing Program
    by Markthespark
    My 39weeks-pregnant wife was in tears when Verizon deleted pregnancy pictures off her phone. But now your program made me become a hero in my wife's eyes. Thank you very much!

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