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    2022-12-26 19:25:41
    Nice iOS Eraser tool.
    by Osa Marcy
    This iOS Eraser tool helps me wipe all personal data on my old iPhone, then I can resell it safely. Nice iOS Eraser tool. Love it.
    2022-10-12 18:56:26
    Data security guarantee
    by Abbas Jahangir
    No one wants their personal information to be leaked, and neither do I. This software has helped me avoid data leakage from my old iPhone.I like it.
    2022-09-07 19:14:08
    Actually, it's good.
    by Alexander Gorban
    Hi, for everyone who wants to resell your old iPhone for a new one, it's a good choice. Personal data can be wiped permanently, which makes me feel safe.
    2022-06-19 20:19:44
    Wipe data clearly!
    by Ahmed Abdel
    I want to resell my old iPhone safely, and this software helped me wipe it clearly. Then I can deal with my old iPhonw without worrying data leaked any more. Nice!
    2022-04-21 19:18:24
    New iPhones, etc, are supported!
    by Ibrahim
    Hey, guys. The new iPhones, etc. are out, your software is still not updated. Does it support the new Apple devices? I was worrying about that before. I tried it, yes, it works. Thank goodness!
    2022-02-21 19:57:15
    It does not work!
    by Avinash Anshu
    I forgot my Apple ID Password, I tried this software to help me wipe my data, but it seemed not work.
    2021-11-09 10:50:12
    It works well on my old iPad
    by Rohan Bhateja
    I used it to help me delete data on my old iPad before selling it. It did work well,thankful.
    2021-09-17 10:07:02
    Wipe iPhone data thoroughly!
    by Rebekah
    I got a new iPhone 12, and wanted to sell my old iPhone. But I was told that there was the risk of data leak.Thank godness, this tool helps me out.
    2021-08-05 09:52:21
    I can't choose messages only to erase
    by Sandra Daigle
    I wanted to wipe all text messages on my phone, I tried this one. But all data will be wiped, cause it does not support data choosing.
    2021-06-18 10:05:57
    Everything is good.
    by Yuzee
    Yeah, everything is good, except that I can not choose data I want to wipe.
    2021-05-13 09:51:34
    Good job!
    by Mashum
    I was worried about data leaked on my old iPhone, so it's not the good way to sell it. But this tool helped me out. Good job.
    2021-03-04 10:21:04
    It helps old iPhone for sale
    by Roman Leakee
    Actually, old iPhone for sale is not that easy, since there may be data leak. With the software, it becomes easy. Thanks a lot.
    2021-01-28 09:56:08
    Data eraser is easy!
    by Harib
    To be honest, I was worrying about my data on my old iPhone, so I kept it, until my friend shared this software. With its help, data eraser becomes easy and safe. Thanks.
    2020-12-24 10:06:20
    Is there a Mac version
    by Ohad Housman
    Hey, man. I searched your site for the Mac version, but nothing could be found. So when the Mac version will be out? I just got my new Macbook Pro. Thank you.
    2020-11-26 10:23:00
    by Jia
    It supports iOS 14. It's really cool.
    2020-10-13 09:47:50
    Please make it better?
    by Silon
    Yes, it's great to wipe data on my iPhone 8. But all data got wiped. If I can choose data I want to wipe, it will be better. Thank you.
    2020-08-27 10:04:23
    My iPhone SE looks like new
    by David
    I changed my iPhone SE to the new iPhone SE 2020, I did the factory reset for reselling. But my friend told me it's not safe. So I used this sofware to help me. Thank godness. It's good.
    2020-07-27 09:47:43
    It's safe to my personal data
    by Lisa
    I usually did the factory reset when I changed my phone. But it's not safe enough. People told me the data might be recovered by using pro data recovery tool. I was worried. And this tool helps me out. I like it.
    2020-06-24 10:04:21
    by Coine
    The new iOS 14 is coming. Hope it can support iOS 14. Fighting!
    2020-05-13 10:41:33
    I got a new version
    by Duer
    I got this software and when I opened it, it reminded me of update. Yes, it has a new version with bugs fixed. Thank you very much. I updated it, now.
    2020-03-16 10:53:46
    If this tool can erase data I want, great!
    by Yamy
    Yes, it does really help me erase all data on my iPhone 8. But I just think if this tool can help me erase data I want, it will be better, right?
    2019-12-21 11:29:09
    Fully compatible with iOS 13
    by Xoom
    It's fully compatible with iOS 13. So good.
    2019-10-29 15:03:02
    It makes me feel safe on my personal data on iPhone
    by Xurao
    I read its review on a blog when I wanted to switch my old iPhone to the new iPhone. Actually, it's really helpful. After using it, my old iphone likes a new one. So there is no need worrying about data leaked after data erased by it. Nice.
    2019-08-21 10:42:57
    Please help me with deleting text messages only
    by Chile
    Three Data Erasing Levels offered by this software is good. But what we need to do if we just want to delete data like text messages permanently? Does this software can help us do that? Please help me.
    2019-07-22 14:12:58
    It reminded me installing iTunes, why?
    by Junc
    When I used it to wipe data on my iPhone 8, it reminded me installing iTunes, why? Please tell me why, thank you.
    2019-07-05 09:37:36
    Great to use it before selling
    by Jeesie
    It is pretty useful to keep personal data safe on the old iPhone before selling it. I have tried to recover data with some third-party software after using this eraser tool, and it turns out that my all personal data is gone!! So considerate. Thump up!
    2019-06-20 18:36:40
    How to delete messages only?
    by Bilili
    Actually, this tool does not allow me to choose data like messages to delete. All data will be deleleted if I click erase button. I understand that. But what should I do if I just want to delete messages only? Thank you.
    2019-04-19 18:02:15
    Delete data on Samsung S9 permanently
    by Thao
    I think this tool is cool. I wanted to resell my Samsung S9 for safe. All personal data on my Samsung S9 were wiped permanently. I tried Android data recovery to scan out my Samsung S9, no data was found. It's cool.
    2019-03-26 11:13:27
    3 Different Data Erasing Levels is great
    by E:U
    This iOS Data Eraser tool is cool. I like the 3 different data erasing levels. I can choose them as I wish.
    2019-02-25 18:24:25
    Great tool ever
    by Joey
    I'm so sorry I found it late, since I have sold my old iPhone 7 online without erasing the data on the phone. Cry out loud....
    2019-01-24 11:39:45
    It's cool.
    by Verjin
    Actually, it's cool in wipeing all personal data on my iPhone 8. But there is one problem. If I just want to delete photos only without recovery, this tool seems not offering that thing. If yes, please let me know. Thank you.
    2019-01-18 18:28:40
    Wonderful app
    by Linda
    I feel so appreciated that I found this app so that I don't need to worry about my privacy for I am going to sell my old iPhone 7. And I want a new iPhone XS Max. : )
    2018-12-22 11:21:46
    Completely wipe all data on my iPad
    by Wood
    I wanted to change my iPad for the new one, but worried about information leak. And this tool allows me to wipe all personal data without recovery. I am very happy with it.
    2018-12-20 17:41:41
    Cool iOS eraser
    by Rachel
    I barely write a review unless the product is really good. Now, I have to say that I never regret to buy it.
    2018-11-27 18:20:50
    I feel relieved for the deleted data
    by ChenQ
    My friend told me that the Coolmuster iOS Eraser is a great great great tool to wipe out data. So I used it and now I feel so relieved for my deleted data. Thanks a lot.
    2018-11-16 18:24:36
    Absolutely simple and useful
    by Aappletree
    Absolutely simple and useful, it is very very great!
    2018-10-22 17:34:11
    Easy, quick and safe
    by Anna
    Three words are enough to describe the iOS Eraser: easy, quick and safe. It is worth trying. :)
    2018-10-16 09:32:03
    completely wipe my iPhone
    by Panama
    It is very cool and easy and also it did help to wipe out all data from my iPhone 6s Plus. Thumb up!
    2018-09-19 18:19:06
    Can I only erase my messages from iPhone 7?
    by Linclon
    Hello, can I only erase my messages from iPhone 7?
    2018-09-10 18:24:33
    All data on my iPhone 8 gone without recovery
    by Carolen
    I want to change my iPhone 8 to an Android phone. But I am worried about information leaked just by factory reset. I just searched online, the suggestion is using such iOS Data Eraser program to help us erase all data on it.So I tried it. It's great.
    2018-09-03 09:46:55
    Easy to use
    by Olmp
    It is very easy to conduct and also an detailed instruction is offered as well. Nice!
    2018-08-30 17:40:56
    Completely deleted all my files
    by Ashaka
    I have heard many friends said that I have to use a professional software to completely delete all my files from my old iPhone 7 before I sell it out. Now I come for help from Coolmuster iOS Eraser, which did not disappoint me at all.
    2018-08-27 11:34:28
    Make my iPhone 7 like a new one
    by Jane
    I like this newly released iOS Data Eraser tool. There are three 3 different data erasing levels. I chose the Medium level to erase data on my iPhone 7. It's great, after erasing, my iPhone 7 just like a new one. So I can trade it safely.
    2018-08-27 11:13:40
    It's useful.
    by Simon Cowell
    I want to sell my old iphone, I found it and don't worry about personal privacy leaking. Very simple.
    2016-12-25 17:34:28
    easy to use
    by Nguyen
    It is easy to use & straightforward. I cleaned my iPad with only a few mouse clicks! Worth trying.
    2015-11-30 15:09:48
    by Brandon
    I bought this so I can protect my personal information and reclaim more storage on my iPhone by deleting private data, clearing junk files and uninstalled apps. Gooooooooooooooood!!!

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