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Fast Repair WhatsApp Restoring Media Stuck on Android and iPhone

Is WhatsApp restoring media stuck? And what does cause this issue? Network problem, corrupt file, insufficient storage space. The fixes in this article are capable of fixing the issue.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-12-22
Why Couldn't Download Video on WhatsApp from iPhone? Fix It Immediately

WhatsApp couldn't download videos on your iPhone? It happens—and there is an easy fix! Most iPhone users have experienced this, and the solution is right here.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-12-14
Fixed: WhatsApp Download Failed | Fix the Issue on Android and iOS Devices

WhatsApp download failed? You can fix it. Check this guide to get practical solutions. Then you can easily make WhatsApp download media files normally.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-12-14
BackupTrans Review: What is BackupTrans and How to Use It?

Want to use BackupTrans to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone? Read this BackupTrans review to know more about the features, pros & cons, how-tos, etc.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-12-11
Top 13 WhatsApp Recovery Apps for Android & iPhone

Looking for the best WhatsApp data recovery software for Android or iPhone? Check the thirteen WhatsApp recovery apps in this post to easily recover the deleted WhatsApp messages.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-12-09
4 Easy Ways to Back Up WhatsApp on iPhone with or without iCloud

Backing up WhatsApp on iPhone isn't a problem anymore. The methods portrayed in this article will help you backup WhatsApp chat history and other files without a problem.

By Kathy Price | 2022-12-08
How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iPhone? [Step-by-step Guide]

Wonder how to access Google Drive WhatsApp backup on iPhone? Here are the three effective ways to recover WhatsApp messages from Google Drive to iPhone without difficulties.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-10-25
Restore WhatsApp from iCloud with Easy Steps [No Data Loss]

Want to restore WhatsApp from iCloud? Follow this guide to complete the restoration step by step. There is no difficulty in getting back your WhatsApp chat history.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-10-20
How to Back Up WhatsApp on Android without Effort | Proven Guide

It is convenient to back up WhatsApp on Android devices. If you are unfamiliar with the backup steps, you can get help from this comprehensive guide.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-10-20
[Proven] How to Transfer WhatsApp to New Phone Easily? (Android & iPhone)

Switch to a new phone recently and wonder how to transfer WhatsApp to new phone? This article offers you 7 proven ways to transfer WhatsApp to new Android or iPhone easily.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-10-19
Recover Snapchat Photos on iPhone without Difficulty | New Tutorial

Planning to recover Snapchat photos on an iPhone? Then you can browse this guide to get 5 ways, which can help you recover your Snapchat photos.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-12-12
Repair It When Snapchat Location Is Wrong! [Functional Guide]

Although your Snapchat location is wrong, you can use multiple easy tricks to fix it without trouble. Follow this guide, and revise your location on Snapchat.

By Kathy Price | 2022-10-24
How to Delete Snapchat Messages for Good in These 7 Situations?

How to delete Snapchat messages if you have sent the wrong messages? This post provides you with seven situations and strategies that you may encounter in your daily life.

By Kathy Price | 2022-08-25
Recover Deleted WeChat Photos/Videos/Music on iPad

Lost your important WeChat photos, videos and music files by accident? Here are 3 different methods to help you recover deleted/lost WeChat media files on iPad.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-10-11
How to Print WeChat Messages on iPhone? 3 Ways Here for You

Wondering how to print WeChat messages on iPhone? Why not have a look at this article to learn 3 different ways to extract and print WeChat chat history on iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/5 and etc.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-02
WeChat Backup and Restore Guide: Back Up and Restore WeChat History with Ease

More and more people like to chat online via WeChat. Then, how to back up and restore WeChat history on Android and iOS devices? Don't fret. This article will tell you the way.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-01
A Complete Guide on How to Recover Deleted WeChat Messages on iPhone

Lost or deleted important WeChat messages on iPhone? This guide tells you how to recover deleted WeChat messages on iPhone in six possible ways in minutes.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-08-30
2 Ways to Backup WeChat Photos/Videos on Computer

Are you searching for a way to backup the photos and videos on your WeChat from your iPhone or Android phone to computer? You can do the job with the Web WeChat.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-30
How To Fix 'Unfortunately WeChat Has Stopped' on Android?

Get this stupid message 'Unfortunately, WeChat Has Stopped' on your Android phone? Follow the instructions here to fix this WeChat problem.

By Kathy Price | 2022-08-30
How to Move WeChat to SD Card?

Moving apps like WeChat to SD card is a good solution to solve the insufficient storage problem on your Android phone. This article will teach you how to move WeChat to SD card.

By Kathy Price | 2022-08-30
How to Save WeChat Messages from iPhone to Computer [Fixed]

How to save WeChat messages from iPhone to computer? Please learn 3 different ways to export and store WeChat messages from iPhone to computer in this article to help you out.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-08-26
Top 3 Ways to Make WeChat Backup to PC in 2022

Afraid of losing meaningful chat history on your WeChat app and looking for a simple way to make WeChat backup to PC? You will learn the best solutions in this post.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-08-26
How to Fix WeChat Unable to Log in Issue?

Your WeChat is unable to log in? Here I give you some solutions to fix the WeChat can login issue. Hope they are help you with the WeChat login problems.

By Kathy Price | 2022-08-25
How to Export Viber Messages on iPhone?

Worried about data lost of the Viber messages on your iPhone? This article offers you an effective way to export Viber messages either selectively or entirely on your iPhone.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-02
Transfer Viber Messages to New iPhone [Including iPhone 13 Pro/13]

Wondering how to transfer Viber messages to new iPhone from old iPhone or Android phone? This article will show you two ways to transfer Viber messages to a new iPhone Xs/Xs Max/8.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-31
How to Recover Deleted Viber Messages on iPhone (with/without Backup)

Accidentally deleted some important Viber messages on iPhone? No worries. Follow this full guide to recover deleted Viber messages on iPhone with or without backup.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-08-30
How to Delete Viber Messages on iPhone/Android

Wondering how to delete Viber messages on iPhone or Android phone? This article offers you full solutions to make it and better protects your privacy by permanently erase Viber messages.

By Kathy Price | 2022-08-26
How to Back Up Viber Messages on PC? (Fixed)

Are you wondering how to back up Viber messages on PC? This article offers 4 feasible ways to back up Viber chat history on computer easily.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-08-24
How to Back Up LINE Chat History (4 Solutions)

Want to back up LINE chat history on your phone? The following tutorial will show you how to back up and LINE chat history on your Android or iPhone with ease.

By Kathy Price | 2022-08-30
Back Up and Restore for Kik Messages on Android Phones

Want to keep your Kik messages and pictures safe on your Android phone? Learn powerful ways in this post to backup and restore for Kik messages and photos on Android.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-12-14
How to Transfer Kik Data from iPhone to Computer

This passage tells you a super easy way to transfer Kik data from iPhone to computer within simple clicks! Now, you can read the passage to know how easy it is!

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-02
How to Retrieve Deleted Kik Messages on iPhone Successfully in 3 Methods?

How to retrieve deleted Kik messages on iPhone without hassle? Whether you have backed up Kik messages or not, you will find an effective way to recover old Kik messages on your iPhone from the three simple solutions provided in this post.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-08-30
Messenger Backup: Fast Back Up Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS

Want to complete the Facebook Messenger backup on your Android or iOS device? Actually, it's easy to back up your Facebook conversations. Let's read this guide.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-10-13
How to Download Facebook Videos to iPhone/iPad

In this passage, you will learn how to download Facebook videos to iPhone/iPad. Also, you will also know how to upload videos to Facebook.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-02
How to Sync Facebook Photos to Android Gallery?

Have tons of photos you want to keep on Facebook? You can get the direct way to sync Facebook photos to Android gallery in simple steps here.

By Kathy Price | 2022-08-30
How to Recover Deleted Photos from Facebook? 4 Proven Ways to Achieve That

This article is about how to recover deleted photos from Facebook. You can gain 4 proven ways to solve this problem, and check the FAQs for Facebook photo recovery.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-08-30
How to Sync Contacts from Facebook to Android Phone?

A few simple clicks enable you to sync Facebook contacts with Android mobile phone. Read this article and you will understand how to achieve that.

By Kathy Price | 2022-08-29