Simple Way to View iCloud Backups

Brandon Wood
Jan 17, 2023

iCloud is a common way to automatically backup the data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod device by connecting to Wi-Fi. The iCloud backup might contain the personal information about the Apple users as well as the media files in the iOS device. Since iCloud service offers 5GB free storage space for the users in the beginning, many users usually store their files on iCloud. However, when you need to preview the files on iCloud backup that you have made, what would you do? Here in this article you might find the simple way to view iCloud backup.

METHOD 1. Access iCloud Backups on PC/Mac via Web Browser

METHOD 2. Access iCloud Backups on PC/Mac via iCloud Backup Recovery

Why Need to View iCloud Backups?

There is a need for the users to check on their iCloud backup. This helps a great deal in:

• Knowing which files have been safely backed up. This will help the user backup the other files which have not been fully backed up.

• Deleting the unnecessary files that have been backed up. There may be files which the device user had deleted long time ago from your iPhone but they still exist in the backup. This demands that the user delete them.

• The users are able to prioritize on the files they need to remain in the cloud backup and those that they can transfer to other devices and accounts if space is not enough.

• One is able to know the used and available space.

• When a person accidentally deletes important files and they need to retrieve the files and have them restored.

Quick Fix: How to View iCloud Backups

Despite all the reasons the users have for viewing the backup, they may not be able to if they do not have the means. iPod/iPhone/iPad users should be aware of the different ways of viewing the backups and know the one that is easy for them. The following are some of the ways in which the iOS owners can use.

METHOD 1. Access iCloud Backups on PC/Mac via Web Browser

Apple allows users to view iCloud backup files from your computer through web browsing. This enables one to get the contacts, notes, calendars, music, apps photos among others. The following are the steps.

• Tap on the browser to visit iCloud.com.

• Log in your iCloud account with your Apple ID and passwords

Now you can view and manage the files on your iCloud backup. For example, you can enter the Contact section and click on the Settings icon to choose different options like "Import vCard", "Export vCard", "Delete", "Print" and etc.

• You can also comfortably see the other files and even know the file downloading time as well as when they were backed up to icloud. And a iCloud drive can also be used.

view and manage icloud backup

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METHOD 2. Access iCloud Backups on PC/Mac via iCloud Backup Recovery

This software - Coolmuster iCloud Backup Recovery is an all-in-one tool which not only allows you to easily view iCloud backups as needed and wanted, but also enables you to recover the lost files from these backup files as desired. So if you are looking for a way to access iCloud backups on a computer, then this software is surely your best choice!

Now, you can download the right version of this software and follow the below guide to view iCloud backups!

Here is the guide:

> It's quite simple, you just need to open the installed software on the computer, then sign in to your iCloud account.

log in icloud account to etract icloud backup

> After that, this software will ask you to enter the code that you will receive on your iOS device for authentication. Then select your file types on the interface, and hit the "Next" icon.

scan and download icloud backup to preview

> Then all the files will be detected and displayed on the main interface. You can now enter the file tab you want to preview more details about the contents. See, it is just a piece of cake to view iCloud backups as wanted.

 view different files from icloud backup

Here, if you want to recover the lost files from iCloud backup, just tick out the wanted files and hit the "Recover" option to recover the lost files from iCloud backups in one click!

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