How to Back up Contacts on iPhone XS Max/XR/XS, etc.? (4 Ways)

Brandon Wood
Sep 01, 2022
Summary: This post will show you several ways on how to back up contacts on iPhone. Read on to get more details in case of losing contacts from iPhone.

how to backup contacts on iphoneEvery iPhone user needs to prepare in advance to avoid serious issues such as losing contacts on their device. It is advisable for every user to back up their contacts on iPhone as regularly as they can. Losing connections is one of the worst things that can happen. For instance, a lot of people have missed significant opportunities in life just because they no longer have the contact of the person who could have assisted them.

It also puts you at risk of losing touch with friends and family members who are miles away from you. Most of the people who have lost phone numbers from their telephone devices have not had the chance to get them back. Good news is that there are various methods of backing up contacts and the following are some of them.

Solution 1 - How to Back up contacts on iPhone? (Professional Way)
Solution 2 - How to Back up iPhone Contacts to Google
Solution 3 - How to Back up iPhone contacts to iCloud
Solution 4 - How to Back up iPhone Contacts to iTunes

The Coolmuster iOS Assistant is one of the most useful software that you can use to get your contacts back. For the Coolmuster iOS Assistant to function effectively, you must install the latest iTunes version on the computer. If not so, the device might not be detected by the program. It has the following features;

* First, it can work with all with all iOS devices, and it is also compatible even with the latest versions, such as the iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR and more.
* During the restoration, it ensures that no data has been lost.
* The user is granted the permission to preview the contacts and select the ones they want to move from the phone to computer.
* It also supports other files such as videos, pictures, notes, messages, books, calendars, bookmarks, apps, calls, iTunes backup files, etc..
* It can back up your iPhone without iTunes.
* With just one click, all data and files from the device are transferred to the computer using the iTunes Backup & Restore feature.
* The software is compatible with both Windows 10/8/7/XP and Mac 10.14, etc.

Run the software on the machine and then connect the device to the computer using a USB cable and then open the installed software. A pop-up window will automatically appear to ask you trust the computer. After that, the main interface containing different files and folders will also be displayed.

connect iphone to pc

Solution 1 - How to Back up contacts on iPhone? (Professional Way)

This procedure involves managing the data as wanted using the iPhone contacts backup app - Coolmuster iOS Assistant. The following are the steps that you are supposed to follow in order to export the contacts and other files from iPhone.

How to back up iPhone contacts to computer selectively:

> Tap on the "Contacts" folder and check all the information about that file.
> Choose the contacts that you want to transfer to the computer.
> The method will begin immediately after you select the "Export" option and then tap on the desired output format, such as CSV, vCard (.vcf) and XML. Usually, you can save it in a readable and printable format.

how to backup contacts on iphone with coolmuster ios assistant

This process can sometimes be referred to as selective backup because the user only restores the important contacts that they need. It is the best method to apply when you are looking for a way to get rid of the useless names and numbers. Using software has saved millions of people in situations where their phones have either been lost or formatted.

How to Back up all iPhone contacts with 1-click:

Alternatively, you can download switch to "Super Toolkit" on the main interface to back up contacts from the device to the computer or iTunes without necessarily using the iTunes. The following are the steps that need to be developed for the process to be successful;

> First, go to "Super Toolkit" after having your iPhone detected by the program.
> Click "iTunes Backup & Restore" tab on the top.
> Hit "Backup" tab and select your iPhone from the drop-down menu for backup.
> Hit "Browse" option to select the location to save the new backup files, either on the default iTunes backup location or on the computer as you want. Finally, click OK button to start to back up iPhone contacts immediately.

backup iphone contacts with itunes backup and restore feature

Video Tutorial:

So how to back up contacts from iPhone to Mac? The people working with a Mac computer can also use this Coolmuster iOS Assistant, which also works with Mac computer.

Tips: Check here to learn how to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone without backup and also restore iPhone contacts from backup.

Solution 2 - How to Back up iPhone Contacts to Google

iPhone users can also back up and export their contacts to the Gmail. This alternative is most appropriate for the people who want to back up their contacts without iTunes. There are three main methods of doing so. It can either be through Settings, iCloud or iTunes. Users are always advised to choose the plan that suits their needs. However, syncing the contacts to Gmail through I cloud has been proven to be more effective than the other two methods because there are fewer issues encountered.

> Tap on the Settings icon on your device, tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" > "Add Account" > "Google".

backup iphone contacts to google

> Log into Google with your Gmail account and password, which will make your iPhone data sync with your Google mail services.
> Go back to "Settings" > "Mail, Contacts, Calendar", you will find that your iPhone is linked to the Gmail account.
> Tap on the Gmail account and turn on "Contacts" option, which will start syncing contacts to your Google account.

how to backu iphone contacts to google

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Solution 3 - How to Back up iPhone contacts to iCloud

There are two main methods of restoring phone numbers using the iCloud. In the first method, the user has to create a full backup of the device with iCloud. The second method involves syncing the names and the numbers to the iCloud server.

How to back up up iPhone to iCloud (All Contents)

The best thing about this method is that it restores not only the contacts but also everything else that was contained in the receiver. The contents of the reserve will replace all the data and files that were listed in the device. This process is entirely different from using iTunes because the user will keep the restored data in the cloud server instead of a computer.

All you need to do is to log into iCloud with your device by clicking on the Settings app. After it opens, select the "Apple ID", "iCloud", "Backup" and then turn on the "iCloud backup" and tap "Back Up Now" option. The content will automatically be backed up.

backup iphone data to icloud

How to back up iPhone contacts to iCloud:

For this method to work, the phone must be connected to a Wi-Fi network. Syncing means that all the numbers saved on all the devices logged in with the same ID will be merged and restored to the iCloud server.

However, you can still choose to keep the contacts independent by logging in with a different identity on your iPhone. Go to the Settings App, click on the Apple ID part, open iCloud and then tap on the contacts icon. The contacts will be automatically restored after you click the "Merge" icon.

sync iphone contacts to icloud

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Solution 4 - How to Back up iPhone Contacts to iTunes

It is important to note that using iTunes backs up almost every detail on your device, including your contacts.

> The first thing that you need to do is to run iTunes on your computer. It could either be a personal computer or Mac.
> After that, connect the telephone device to the machine and then click the device tab.

connect iphone to pc

> Under the Summary, there is a "Backup" tab and clicking "Back Up Now" option allows you to back up the data to the iTunes. During this entire process, all the information that you have on your mobile will be replaced by the data that has been backed up.

The iPhone user is allowed to encrypt their iTunes backup. However, they have to remember the password because one cannot unlock the restored files without the correct password.

backup iphone contacts with itunes

To sync iPhone contacts to iTunes only, you can go to "Summary" > "Info" > "Sync Contacts with" > choose "Windows Contacts" or "Outlook" as you like > click "Sync" button. However, this will also delete the old backup of your iPhone contacts once the syncing is complete.

save iphonec contacts with itunes

The Bottom Line

Everyone is prone to breaking losing or misplacing their mobile headset devices. In such a case, you might end up missing important information which includes your phone contacts. The process of trying to replace your contacts after losing them can be a very challenging task.

The best way of avoiding the problems caused by losing telephone contacts is merely backing them up. With the help of the above effective and safe methods, iPhone users can easily keep their communications safe and also restore their data. Most people are used to backing up with iCloud and iTunes. It is now clear that one can also use third-party software to complete the process, what's more, the third-party app - Coolmuster iOS Assistant.

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