Coolmuster Android SMS + Contacts Recovery

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    2022-11-14 19:30:23
    Good jop.
    by Amr Selim
    I saw this tool on an Arab software site cause I deleted my Android contacts. The article shared the tool and its guide. I tried it and get the deleted contacts back. Of course, it was not that easy, cause I needed to root my phone first before using it.
    2022-09-19 19:02:26
    I chose it to help me.
    by Matilda
    I saw this tool on an Android news and tips site, cause I deleted my text messages. I tried it and found the deleted text messages being scanned out. So I chose it.
    2022-05-18 19:59:30
    Hope it will be better!
    by Prasenjeet Kumar
    It's good. But I can't use it to help me to recover the deleted call logs. Yes, I can understand. Cause it's SMS + Contacts Recovery. It's just my wish.
    2022-03-29 19:22:37
    It's helpful!
    by Shahzaib
    My important text messages are deleted by mistake. I tried to get them back from the recycle bin, but failed. I searched it online, and found this software. It helped my get the deleted text messages back. Before that, I need to root my phone.
    2022-01-18 19:22:47
    Can't support lost contacts recovery!
    by Patryk
    I lost some important contacts for unknow reasons, but this software seems not support lost contacts recovery, cause the lost contacts were not scanned out by it.
    2021-11-24 10:16:20
    Good program!
    by Cristhian Greco
    I knew this program from the article written on Androdpit, cause I lost my important contacts. Then I tried it, it did help me get my lost contacts back. Good!
    2021-10-26 10:01:21
    Android rooting is annoying!
    by Gonçalo Sousa
    When I used this tool to recover my deleted contacts, it reminded me rooting my phone before using it. Android rooting is annoying to me.
    2021-09-09 10:05:53
    Easy to use!
    by Shahbaz Ali
    I followed the steps showed on the program and recovered my lost contacts. Easy to use.
    2021-08-15 04:23:42
    sms a kontakty
    by Dodo
    aké staré vymazané sms správy sa dajú získať z mobilu po nainštalovaní apky? aj 1,5 rok staré?
    2021-08-15 04:20:27
    by dodo
    aké staré vymazané správy sa dajú získať z mobilu? aj rok a pol stare?
    2021-06-09 09:55:59
    Get my deleted contacts back
    by Charles
    I need to say this software is good, although I need to root my phone before using it. It helped me get my deleted contacts back. So sweet.
    2021-04-16 00:28:28
    sms recovery
    by Sam
    My fiance was texting other females an then deleting them so a friend told me about this app an it actually works an i love it.
    2021-03-29 10:09:20
    It does not work at all
    by Adam Kos
    I tried to recover my deleted contacts from my Samsung phone for a long time, but it failed.
    2020-11-19 09:47:17
    Finally a new version is out
    by Woodz
    I used it to recover my lost photos, then it reminded me there was a new version. Then I updated it. The new version seems good. Thank you.
    2020-09-02 10:03:42
    Phone rooting is needed.
    by Paul
    I checked the software page, it said I needed to root my phone before using it. If so, it's really too much trouble.
    2020-07-06 10:06:08
    Want to get it from giveaway page
    by Chan
    I like your giveaway page. I got some free license codes of your softwares from the giveaway page. Hope I will see this one. Thank you.
    2020-05-12 10:13:37
    Great software shared on some websites
    by Punch
    I saw this software on some websites, it seemed great. I came here and checked the details. I will buy one if needed.
    2020-04-20 10:23:16
    Practical but not enough functions
    by Jack
    If this kind of app can recover more sorts of data, it would be ideal.
    2020-03-10 10:05:21
    I need to root my phone
    by Juna
    This tool is pretty good except phone rooting. Cause I'm not familiar with that. Kindly, I found the tips on your site. Anyway, thanks.
    2019-12-25 16:53:38
    The new software interface is good.
    by Hecheul
    I tried the new version, the new software interface is good. I like it.
    2019-09-19 13:33:03
    Cool Software like its name
    by Chillic
    I lost my contacts from Samsung note 9 without backup. I wanted to recover them back and searched how to online. I found its recommendation on Androidpit. I was so excited and tried it immediately. It works well. My lost contacts are back.
    2019-08-15 10:08:30
    Excellent tool to recover deleted contacts and messages
    by Ben Swift
    I have to say that this Coolmuster tool is surely an excellent tool to recover deleted contacts and messages on Android. I have helped myself and my friends to get back those lost contacts. Awesome!!!
    2019-06-24 11:17:55
    Need to root my Samsung S9
    by House
    I lost some important messages on my Samsung S9 and want to recover them back by using this tool. But it reminds me rooting my Samsung S9. I think it's quite complicated. Is there any way that does not need to root my Samsung S9 to get the lost messages back?
    2019-04-16 18:08:47
    Easy to recover deleted contacts back
    by Bonues
    I think this tool is easy to use. All the deleted contacts will be showed in red, so it's easy to preview and choose deleted contacts I want to recover.
    2019-02-22 10:57:53
    Cool but not free
    by Zhitu
    I tried it and my deleted messages were scanned out and marked in red.I wanted to recover them back, but it's not free. Well, I can understand that, this tool is cool I will buy it.
    2019-01-23 18:27:04
    Worth to try
    by Alex
    It is worth to try on this little app. This app looks like simple but it is really useful to get back the lost files from Samsung phone. I have tried this tool with my two Android phone already. Great!
    2018-12-20 18:13:20
    Awesome! My deleted messages are back.
    by Poppy
    I deleted messages sent by a very important custom by mistake. I needed to recover it back but did not want to send it to the data recovery store. Luckily, I found this tool and get it back for free. Thanks a lot.
    2018-09-27 11:02:59
    It's really really really helpful.
    by Sara
    Yes, I deleted some important sms messages on my LG G7 by mistake, which contain personal account info. I was upset and googled a lot. Thank godness! I found this software. Cool enough, it helped me get the deleted sms messages back.
    2018-01-27 07:41:46
    Great tool highly recommend
    by Tracey Williams
    This tool is the easiest tool ever. It is easy to understand and backing up of all my contacts and SMS are easy to do. Will never loose my phone data again. THANK YOU THANK YOU
    2017-03-31 18:18:53
    Really a good recovery tool
    by Farlian
    I have to say this is really a helpful tool. I thought I would lose all important contacts and messages once and for all. But luckily this software helped me get them back. Really thanks!
    2017-02-24 17:47:48
    Encounter a good tool
    by Hero
    When I lost important contacts from my phone, I searched on the internet to find a handy tool to recover my lost files. And luckily, my friend recommended to me this all-in-one software. Thanks! For bringing back my files!
    2017-01-12 17:55:46
    by Nicholas
    This software helped me get back all those important contacts and messages. Thanks! BTW, i am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
    2016-11-11 17:56:16
    Get back all deleted contacts~
    by Hebe
    I really have to thank you! I just mistakenly delete a group of contacts from my Android phone. When I thought I would have no choice but ask my friends for their numbers, this software exactly save my data! Really thanks!
    2016-10-14 17:10:11
    Bulk recover contacts and messages
    by Nicole
    I've saved many contacts and messages on my phone, but yesterday when I upgrade my Android phone to the newest operating system. All the files were all gone! Thank God, this almighty software helped to get all the lost files back in one click!
    2016-09-20 17:43:14
    by Cydia
    I have to say thanks. Thanks for saving over 500 contacts and all sweet messages. Really thanks!
    2016-08-10 16:07:56
    Like it
    by Hillary
    I have to say thank you to this amazing Android SMS+Contacts Recovery tool, which allows me to recover 300+ contacts. Really thanks!
    2016-07-15 17:07:10
    help me a lot
    by Melchers
    I accidentally deleted my important text messages communicated with my girlfriend on my Galaxy Note 3. Thanks to Android SMS+Contacts Recovery, which was my magic wand, helps me scan and find it in no time at all.
    2016-07-07 17:19:39
    Works well
    by Adam
    Good software! At least for me~ Thanks for bringing back all the lost contacts from my Samsung phone. Thank God, I don't need to regain all these contacts one by one. But I think i'd better back up these files. Any good idea?
    2016-06-20 15:56:02
    Thanks very much
    by hathaway
    I really need to thank your brilliant software to help me recover the important contacts and messages from my Android phone. At first, I thought I would lost these files permanently, but this recovery tool enabled me to regain the lost files easily. Really thanks!!! That's a good software!
    2016-03-15 17:59:28
    How to Recover Messages in Android Phones
    by Coolmuster
    As to how to use this software to recover lost messages from Android phones, you can follow this tutorial:
    2016-03-05 10:48:19
    How to recover massage in androids phones
    by yadunandan singh
    my personal massege deleted so how can i get my massege
    2015-12-25 15:43:55
    by Jay
    Thanks to Coolmuster, I have restored my lost contacts within few clicks. And now I can get in touch with business partners freely. Cool app!
    2015-12-18 16:54:07
    by Tezuca
    This program does EVERYTHING I need it to do. Absolutely PERFECT
    2015-12-15 17:30:29
    A little bit complex
    by Dino
    It is a little bit troublesome to make my phone be recognized by your program, and I have tried at least 3 times for the connection, and finally it is works. I hope you can improve the connecting and detecting features here.
    2015-11-25 15:55:40
    Good stuff
    by Smith
    Even though I have tried several time to connect my phone to the program, but after that, all things have been done well. My lost contacts have been recovered, and some text messages also be found well. Thx!
    2015-10-29 10:42:56
    Get My Lost Contacts Back
    by Chris
    Even though I have tried lots of times to connect my Samsung S6 to the program, but finally it is successed and I have used the tool to recover my lost contacts number completely.
    2015-09-29 15:40:27
    by Victoria
    My colleague tells me to try this software when she leaned that my contacts were deleted, then I tried it. wow, I gotta say your software is really amazing to restore data on Android phone. now i can view these important contacts again, thank you.
    2015-09-22 16:46:34
    Nice Job
    by Leonado
    It could be a nice app if your device can be recognized by the program successfully. Actually, I have met some problem when I tried to connect my HTC to PC, but luckily, the support team have played an important role here, and finally I got what I need. Thank you guys!
    2015-08-27 16:04:48
    It Works Well
    by Richard
    I rooted my Samsung Galaxy S5, and this Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery can read my device and get back all my lost contacts well. Thanks guys!
    2015-08-17 18:14:50
    by Leo
    It is no doubt that this program is useful, but if there is no root requirement, I think your app will be perfect.
    2015-08-06 20:25:13
    Works well
    by Tina
    It works fine with my galaxy note. I've found back my contacts well. Great!
    2015-07-31 18:11:36
    by Dora
    I never thought recovering lost contacts was this easy!! Thanks a lot Android SMS+Contacts Recovery and to the developers!!
    2015-07-13 18:06:12
    Nice job
    by Lina
    Even though the program are not powerful as the similar tool on the market, but it is enough for me! The program have helped me find back my lost contacts, but the scanning process is a little bit long. If you can fix this bug, the program can works well maybe. Thanks guys!
    2015-06-29 17:36:25
    by bobsmile
    Excellent tool. Really do what it is supposed to do!
    2015-04-29 18:31:01
    Totally worth it.
    by Castro
    Its simple the best software....No explanation coz the app got ALL of my contacts on my phone that I had deleted in error. Totally worth it.
    2015-04-29 18:26:37
    Does it work on GT-S6102?
    by Abubaker
    My friend introduced me to come here. Your product helped him to get back 50+ contacts and SMS and I would like to ask whether it supports my Samsung GT-S6102? Please reply, thanks a lot!
    2014-10-23 15:08:55
    I got my message back with this tool
    by Monna
    I have stored a lot of message in my Sony Ericsson Xperia, all of them are from my boyfriend. When I see them, it reminds me such a beautiful time we have had. Someday, for some unknow reason, all of them gone. It's so shock to me. Thanks to this tool, I found them back, thankful for its help.
    2014-10-15 18:48:11
    Totally worth it
    by marwan
    Got ALL of my contacts on my HTC phone that I had deleted in error. Totally worth it.
    2014-10-15 13:43:41
    Use about Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery
    by Nick
    By use Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery.I can recover my android data.a little professional.I hope to have better improvement.
    2014-10-15 11:39:34
    Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery
    by Lyniswwoo
    I lost sms and contacts from Samsung galaxy 4,and I don’t know how to recover lost data. Someday, I find this third-party tool-Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery from google. This tool really help me restore lost Samsung sms and contacts. I recommend to try this android data recovery. In this way, you can worry about lost data.
    2013-12-13 11:22:14
    by Annie
    My little son accidentally deleted the phone number of my friend that I stored in my Galaxy note 2 internal phone memory and I tried this software, it helped me. thanks.

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